Terms and Conditions


Copyright (c) 2003 Colin Wilson applies to each listing on this website.
The information on this website is published for your personal use. It may not be reproduced copied or distributed in any form (whether on paper by email on teletext or on any website) without the prior written permission of Colin Wilson.

To add dates to the list
You must supply the date, the full name of the event, the venue (start town in the case of a rally) and a contact number for further information.
A postcode for the venue and details of the event website are desirable, but are not mandatory.
The information must be sent in writing, either by email to news@cdwrite.co.uk or by fax to 0207 681 3506. Any amendments must be supplied in the same way.
For your own security, any notice of cancellation should be sent by fax on headed notepaper.

To publish all or part of the list
You must first enter into an agreement with Colin Wilson. Publication on any website is normally charged at £50 per calendar month. This includes emailing of the complete list direct to the webmaster every month, and automatic emailing of any amendments as they arise; thus it is not necessary to search Racedates.net for changes.

To advertise on Racedates.net
It is possible to include a colour advertisement at the top of each month’s diary list, for example to promote events not included in the calendar itself (track days, car boot sales, etc); to offer special ticket prices or season tickets; or just to raise the profile of your event or venue. Please contact Colin Wilson for technical details and prices.

Motorsports News

Press releases are distributed by CDWrite on behalf of clients. All enquiries about the content of any press release should be addressed to the person listed at the end of that release, although CDWrite will be happy to assist in the event of any problem.

To receive press releases
Simply send an email request to news@cdwrite.co.uk, including your name. You will receive all future releases and a monthly summary of the Racedates. There is no charge for this service.

To distribute press releases
CDWrite’s motorsport media list contains some 2,000 individuals, located in about 20 countries.
CDWrite’s motorsport trade list contains about 400 companies, working in all forms of car motorsport (including stock car racing), plus motorcycling and kart racing.
CDWrite’s club list contains about 350 motor car, kart and motorcycle clubs, all UK-based, plus overseas national governing bodies (equivalent of the MSA or ACU in each country), plus miscellaneous bodies such as Regional Associations.

To distribute a plain-text press release
to any or all these lists costs £99. Send your proposed text to news@cdwrite.co.uk with clear instructions (which lists, required date of issue, etc). You will be sent a TEST version of your release for your final approval, after which the bulk email will be sent.

To send press releases with attachments (CDWrite can create user-friendly PDF files from your documents), or help with the actual writing of press releases, please contact Colin Wilson.