Date13 Feb 2019
Event TypeShow / Conference (Cars)
LocationThe Law Society, London
CountryUnited Kingdom
ContactName : Allison Eden
Tel : 01908 601316
Mobile : 07860 368313
NotesWomen on the Move Against Cancer (WOMAC) is delighted to announce the venue for its annual party, which will be held on Wednesday 13 February 2019.

Taking place between 18:30 and 22:00, with more than 200 guests expected to raise awareness for a very worthwhile cause, the event will be held in The Common Room at The Law Society, in London. The party will host a buffet supper and the popular raffle and tombola will return to offer first-class prizes in return for your generous donations.

WOMAC has pledged its support for the EHE Rare Cancer Charity (EHERCC) in 2019. Founded in 2012, EHERCC, together with its two sister charities in the USA and Australia, has three main objectives at the core of everything it does: to support patients wherever they are in the world; to promote, fund and direct research into EHE; and to act as advocates for greater awareness of, and care for, EHE.

Epithelioid Haemangioendothelioma (EHE) is a rare form of vascular sarcoma that can occur at any age and is often aggressive in children and young adults. The disease can affect either gender, but it predominantly presents in females. A ratio of five women to every man is quoted, but Dr Silvia Stachiotti, a clinician based in Italy and experienced with EHE, believes the ratio is much higher, maybe as high as 20:1. There is also a clinical signal that the onset of EHE may be connected to puberty and pregnancy in women, a particularly distressing aspect of the disease that suggests there may be some form of hormonal trigger involved.

To treat rare cancers such as EHE, medical professionals need to understand why they occur, how they spread within the body, what biological processes are involved, and what factors dictate their location and severity. That’s why the EHERCC is fighting back and funding research into finding a cure for EHE cancer, while providing invaluable support and information to patients and families whose lives are affected by this devastating disease.

Claire-Anne Escoffey tragically lost her 18-year-old daughter Isabelle to EHE in February this year and hopes to attend WOMAC’s fundraising party in her memory.

“We were so deeply touched to hear that WOMAC has chosen to support the EHERCC in 2019, including their next fundraising event in February,” said Claire-Anne.

“Isabelle passed away on 7 February 2018 so it will be an emotional time but a beautiful tribute, raising much-needed funds to help research into treating and finding a cure for this awful disease. As a ‘rare’ cancer, the charity receives no funding from the main cancer charities.

“It took Great Ormond Street Hospital two years and two biopsies to diagnose Isabelle’s EHE, so my personal feeling is that it may not be as ‘rare’ as we think. We have so much to learn about EHE.”

Claire-Anne added: “It means a huge amount to us when people and organisations like WOMAC contact us on hearing about Isabelle’s story and use her legacy to help raise awareness of EHE and funds for further research. We are so grateful to WOMAC for their support of EHERCC in memory of Isabelle.”

WOMAC’s support will help the EHERCC to achieve its aims, including the running of its patient forums and one-on-one discussions, which help patients interact with others in the same situation, regardless of where they live.

Georgia Fox, Chair of WOMAC, added: ‘We are delighted to support the EHERCC in 2019, and at such a fabulous venue, too. Supporting charities such as the EHERCC is exactly what WOMAC set out to do. We look forward to welcoming you all to the party in February."

For more details regarding the event and how to buy tickets, please contact Nicola Humphreys on or visit our Eventbrite page to purchase tickets online.

Donations can be made via WOMAC’s JustGiving page by visiting

About EHE Rare Cancer Charity
Epithelioid Haemangioendothelioma (EHE) is a very rare form of vascular sarcoma. The EHE Race Cancer Charity (EHERCC) gathers vital data from its worldwide membership of EHE patients, which is invaluable to the medical and research scientists who are working to understand and treat this rare cancer. The EHERCC’s key objectives are to support patients wherever they are in the world; to promote, fund and direct research into EHE; and to act as advocates for greater awareness of, and care for, EHE.


WOMAC is a charity made up of female volunteers working in the automotive industry. It was established in 1979 and aims to continue the fight against cancer by supporting a variety of projects, searching for more effective treatments or improving the quality of life for cancer sufferers, their families and carers.